Postpak Rap

Postpak Rap
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Matt Quartermaine from the comedy duo the Empty Pockets features in this Australia Post television commercial (TVC) promoting the use of Postpaks instead of ordinary wrapping paper for packaging postage parcels. When the boss asks a younger office worker (Quartermaine) to wrap a parcel, he is delivered Australia’s Post’s message – 'Don’t wrap it. Postpak it’. With rap music still new to Australian popular culture at the time, this commercial was very successful. The choice of comedian Quartermaine in the lead shows that the self-consciously daggy rap and accompanying dance moves were made to be funny and this ad is a great example of self-deprecating Australian humour. A veritable time capsule, it features 1980s technology such as floppy discs, a ghetto blaster, old computers and Telecom telephones.

NAA title number: C4189, 1053203.

Notes by Adrienne Parr