Just Who Is Peter Allen

Just Who Is Peter Allen
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Lillian Roxon is out to correct some misconceptions about Peter Allen’s music in this report. She is a passionate advocate for his new album, with 12 songs that ‘tear into your emotions like barbed wire’.

In dismissing his previous, ‘very showbiz’ appearances on late-night TV, Roxon is speaking as one with her hip, rock-loving audience but urging them to give Allen’s new solo music a chance like she did.

Her critique carries power because of the obvious sincerity behind it; you can hear in her voice that this album has moved her greatly, even without her saying ‘this is a very important album and everyone should listen to it’.

Roxon’s enthusiasm inadvertently accentuates her Australian accent, never clearer than on ‘love and marriage shouldn’t be like a horse and carriage’. Roxon was the first female Australian foreign correspondent in the US for the Sydney Morning Herald.

In addition to writing the seminal Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia (1969), she also wrote for US publications such as Mademoiselle, New York News, Go Set and Sunday News.

Born in Italy, Roxon's family came to Australia when she was five years old. She moved to New York in 1959 and lived there until her death in 1973.

This is an episode of the radio show Discotique – a two-minute ‘daily newscast from the world of music’ produced in 1971 and syndicated on 250 radio stations in the United States.

The cover image for this title of Peter Allen is courtesy National Library of Australia. Allen's song 'I Still Call Australia Home' was added to the NFSA's Sounds of Australia in 2013.

Notes by Beth Taylor