Lung function

Slide shows diagrams of two women, one wearing a corset and one wearing Berlei foundation garment. The text talks about lung function.
Lung function
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This slide is another used in the educational training series for Berlei fitters. It compares the tight-laced corsets of the early 1900s with the modern foundation garments of the 1930s.

Diagram 1 caption reads: '1902. Natural breathing of lung prevented owing to lower section being congested by tight corset. Lower ribs cramped preventing organs functioning.' 

Diagram 2 caption reads: 'Lungs allowed full breathing capacity. Ribs and breast bone in correct position.'

Slides like this one gave the training a scientific/medical feel which was part of the Berlei brand's success. It showed medical reasons why women had it better now, while still maintaining that foundation garments were necessary for support and positioning of the body whilst not impinging on a woman's freedom.

Notes by Beth Taylor