Are Women Finally Making It Rock?

Are Women Finally Making It Rock?
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In this report about female rock groups Fanny and Pride of Women, Lillian Roxon’s passion for the advancement of women in rock shines through.

They don’t get an easy ride though; here she defends her lack of enthusiasm for Fanny’s first album with her fabulous trademark no-nonsense approach: ‘their album was pleasant enough, but lightweight’.

Although she’s quick to express her opinion, Roxon is refreshingly humble enough to admit when she’s wrong and that she is not above changing her mind about Fanny’s music after speaking with the band.

This is an episode of the radio show Discotique – a two-minute ‘daily newscast from the world of music’ produced in 1971 and syndicated on 250 radio stations in the United States.

The cover image for this title is a publicity image of Fanny in 1973. Courtesy The band image would have been arresting at the time for only having women in the line-up. In every other way it is typical of a publicity image of bands from the 1970s. You don't get much of an idea of their music due to the absence of their instruments but their clothes hint at a rocky but relaxed vibe.

Notes by Beth Taylor