A*mazing: video game challenge

A*mazing: video game challenge
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This clip is from Series 1 / Episode 21 of the popular children's game show, A*mazing, produced by Southern Star Entertainment and broadcast on the Seven Network on 13 June 1994. A*mazing, produced from 1994 to 1998, pitted teams from two different primary schools against each other over five days. Points gained by each contestant were totalled to decide the winning school at the end of each week. Contestants competed in computer game skills, general knowledge, spelling ability and physical agility. The show was somewhat famous for a large and elaborate maze that was part of the show's studio set. The students in this clip are from Warrigal Road and Richlands East Primary Schools.

This clip is a good example of the show's format. Presenter James Sherry introduces the contestants to Round Five, the video game face off. The students attempt to score as many points as they can in 60 seconds while playing the Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros 3. The split screen is used effectively to show the concentration of the contestant and their progress in the game. Sherry's narration is useful as it let's viewers who may be unfamiliar with the game know what is happening. Recorded in front of a live studio audience the crowd is remarkably restrained.


Seven Network
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Southern Star Entertainment