Storage of colour film


Storage conditions for colour acetate film and diacetate film. Cold storage is predicted to extend the life of diacetate and triacetate negatives in good condition by a factor of ten or more.

  Daily Annually
Storage temperature minus 5°C (23°F) +/- 1°C minus 5°C (23°F) +/- 2°C
Relative humidity 30% +/- 2% 30% +/- 5%
Rate of fresh air in-take As determined by National Health Regulations


Archivists should not be disheartened by the low temperature recommended above, but always keep in mind that every degree the temperature is lowered is beneficial; a reduction of approximately six degrees Celsius will double the useful life of almost any material.

If cold storage is not an option over the short term, the storage facility should be well ventilated to prevent the build up of acidic gasses that drive the autocatalytic degradation reactions of cellulosic films. As much as possible, the environment should be stable, cool, and dry. Significant fluctuations of temperature and relative humidity should be avoided.