Sound bloops and projection prints


Sound Bloops

The triangular sound bloops which are cut into splices on sound tracks must be taped over on both sides of the film to strengthen the join.

Projection Prints

Projection prints often need to be repaired to safely travel through projectors. Particular attention needs to be placed upon:



Old tape splices that are dry, yellowing or have a gap, are to be removed and respliced. Any existing cement splices are to be taped on the base for reinforcing.

Perforation Damage

Use a tape splicer and tape across the film for perforation damage.

Rips and Tears

Minimal damage: slight rip or tear, tape on both sides of the film. Severe damage: rips which go right across or completely through should be cut out and a new tape join created.

When finished preparing a film leave it:

  • Tail Out
  • Emulsion In
  • Transit Wound Resolution