Rips, tears, holes and light notches


Rips, tears and holes

A hole in the centre of a frame is taped with splicing tape (on both emulsion and base) from frameline to frameline on either side of the hole. A rip or tear which extends across a frame and through the perforations is usually taped in the same way.

Light notches

Light notches can be as long as 1.5 frames or as small as a fingernail. Correctly placed light notches occur 4.5 to 7 frames after a scene change. If notches on the normal drive side are not within 2 frames after the scene change, then choose to print from the tail, rather than taping over these notches.

Repair light notches with repair tape if:

  • they are damaged
  • they are small ‘fingernail’ notches
  • they are on the drive side but less than 4 frames or more than 7 frames after a scene change, usually at a splice
  • they are on a splice (to strengthen the splice).