Magnetic recording timeline

Year Timeline description
1888 Principle of magnetic recording proposed by Oberlin Smith.
1898 Magnetic wire recording invented by Valdemar Poulsen.
1923 AC bias discovered.
1931 Blattnerphone steel band recorder used by the BBC.
1934 I.G. Farben (BASF) makes tape with iron powder on a plastic film.
1935 AEG develops the Magnetophone tape recorder.
1946 Jack Mullin demonstrates the German Magnetophon in the USA.
1948 First US tape recorder – Ampex.
1948 First US magnetic tape – 3M and Audio Devices.
1956 First practical videotape recorder – Ampex.
1958 First colour videotape recorder.
1962 First portable videotape recorder.
1970 First cassette videotape recorder.
1975 First successful consumer videotape recorder – Sony Betamax.
1981 Camcorder introduced.
1987 Digital video tape recorder introduced (D1)