Lace-up and sync marks


Lace-up marks are marks on the cream leader which correspond to the position of the framelines of the first (incoming) frame of image. This ensures that the first frame of image will be racked correctly when it gets to the printer gate. (NB if printing from the tail, the lace-up mark is marked with the framelines corresponding to those of the first frame of image at the tail). A lace-up mark should be 32 frames before the resolution chart (if printing from the head), or 32 frames from the end of the neg/pos spacing or tail clock, at the tail.


Composite release prints are made from separate image and sound components. These components have to be synched to ensure that the image matches the sound when the print is made. Sync marks should be drawn on the leader at the head and tail with a waterbased marker. Beside the sync mark write ‘head/tail printer sync’.