Insert edit


An electronic edit in which the existing control track is not replaced during the editing process. The new segment is inserted into program material already recorded on the videotape 1.

Insert edit (non-linear)

Allows material to be inserted between frames of an edit thereby increasing the length of a programme. This is impossible in a linear tape suite (without cutting tape). Non-linear insert editing mimics a standard method of film editing.

Insert editing (tape)

A method of tape editing by recording, or dropping-in, new video and audio over existing material, often colour bars or black on a striped tape. This is the most common method of video tape editing and is the alternative to assemble editing. The existing control track and timecode already recorded on the tape remain undisturbed as only the new video and audio is inserted, minimising the chance of any discontinuity in the edited result.


1Kodak: A Concise Glossary for the Non-Technician