Guidelines for collection development recommendations


Details for recommending material to be included into the NFSA collection.

The NFSA uses the following procedures when writing recommendations:

  • Description of collection, e.g.: two (2) cans containing 2 rolls of 35mm nitrate, two (2) reels of 16mm acetate etc.
  • MEDIAFLEX acquisition information and title number if available
  • Donor name
  • Acq. code
  • Acq. no.
  • Date received
  • Details of findings:

  1.Title: either one that comes with the film and/or one that has been created

  2.Brief description of films content

  3.Production date/length

  4.Condition: brief description only

  5.Technical selection findings: (copies in collection with similar footage, preservation and condition)

  • Recommendation: acquire/ return to donor/offer overseas ‘OS’/to be destroyed
  • Prepare material for preservation copying or telecine transfer