Definition one
A generic term for a flexible strip of cellulose (usually nitrate, acetate or the newer polyester) which has a thickness in order of 0.125mm. Before exposure it is known as ‘raw stock‘. Motion picture film has perforations along it’s length by the means of which it is driven through a camera, projector or other apparatus. One side of the film is coated with a layer of light sensitive emulsion or a magnetic coat. The record on the film may be photographic image, sound image, magnetic sound or a combination of these.

Definition two
Film refers in a physical sense to the perforated nitrate, acetate or polyester strip carrying
sequential images and/or sound track. It refers also to the various forms of transparent negative or
positive used in still photography. (Edmondson 2004)



Edmondson, Ray., 2004, Audiovisual Archiving: Philosophy and Principles, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris, p. 16.