Contact printing


Printing in which the processed film to be copied is held in close contact with the raw stock during exposure. Can be by continuous or intermittent (step) methods. 1 The basic design for continuous contact printer transport systems has remained virtually unchanged for over half a century.

Most veteran laboratory technicians have grown up in the industry with printers like the B&H Model D, Model J, or the Model C.

Maximum printing speeds were 180 ft/min on the Model C.

Newer continuous Contact printers are of the ‘Panel Printer’ variety similar to the Model 6123 Printer. This printer has four printing speeds of 120, 240, 480, and 960 ft/min.

With the advent of modern electronic control systems it became possible to greatly simplify and improve film handling systems for bidirectional printers.



1British Standard Glossary of Terms used in the Motion Picture Industry