Access Value


Access Value is another factor that curatorial staff may take into account when choosing which items are to be preserved, include the consideration of access issues such as rights or where there are identified research themes, curatorial projects or organisational strategic goals.

Access Value is based on factors such as:

High access potential
1. Organisation sponsored projects;
2. Identified access or research themes;
3. Enduring demand; demonstrable benefits for the organisation;
4. Strategic goals representing a significant topic, theme, person or place, with some degree of rights control.

Low access potential
1. Limited benefits for the organisation;
2. Unlikely to be in demand;
3. Difficult rights issues.

Access Value and Heritage Value combine to make up the Collection Risk Assessment Framework concept of Consequence of Loss.

An example of a project that would be strategic, culturally significant and of access value might be targeting Indigenous recorded sound material in the collection for preservation and repatriation to traditional owners.