Academy frame


The dimensions of a specific aperture used in motion picture cameras and in film projection.

This table shows the Academy Frame dimensions for 35mm cameras and projectors.

35mm Academy Frame



Equipment Aspect Ratio Width Height Width Height
Camera 1.37:1 0.868in. 0.631in. 22.05mm 16.03mm
Projector 1.37:1 0.825in. 0.600in. 20.96mm 15.25mm




In the silent format, the picture occupies all the available space between the perforations. When sound was added in 1927, the width of the picture had to be reduced. The height was reduced proportionally. This was made official in 1932, when it was recommended by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Most 35mm productions today are shot using either a full height, or an Academy mask, but may be cropped to various sizes by the projector mask.