Eight young people sit at a long table. One of them is Debra Byrne who is smiling at the camera.

Young Talent Time rare footage

Young Talent Time rare footage

The first Young Talent Team
 Beth Taylor

The NFSA has published a Young Talent Time curated collection to celebrate the program's 50th anniversary on 24 April 2021.

'All my loving'

This rare footage of original Young Talent Time team members Rod Kirkham, Vikki Broughton, Philip Gould, Debbie (now known as Debra) Byrne, Greg Mills and Julie Ryles has not been seen since it was aired in 1972.

The family variety show Young Talent Time, hosted by Johnny Young, ran for over 18 years on Network Ten.

Here, the team perform a medley of songs, including Young Talent Time's signature song, The Beatles' 'All My Loving', which closed the show every episode.

Watching them perform, it is easy to see why Australia fell in love with these talented young people and their successors.

In addition to 'All My Loving' they sing ‘Everything Is Beautiful’, ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, ‘Hooked on a Feeling’, ‘Jackson’ and ‘I Don't Know How to Love Him’ from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar:

Excerpt from Don't Mourn Buzzy, 1972. Courtesy: Seven Network. NFSA title: 34932

This clip comes from Don’t Mourn Buzzy, a tribute concert held at Sydney’s State Theatre for comedian Buster Fiddess, who died in January 1972. Screened on the Seven Network, the concert was hosted by Tony Barber and also featured Kamahl, Johnny Farnham and others.

Jane Scali and Jamie Redfern, who were also original team members, are not in the footage.

Dannii, Joey, Debbie, Jamie and more

Over the show's history there were 40 team members, with the kids graduating when they turned 16.

This compilation highlights some of the stars you can see performances from in the curated collection: Tina Arena, Dannii Minogue, Vince Deltito, Beven Addinsall, Debra Byrne, Jamie Redfern and Joey Perrone:

A video montage featuring some of the stars of Young Talent Time.

Relive the Razzle Dazzle

Young Talent Time's winning mix of music, dance, fun and family is on show now in the online curated collection.

Dive in and enjoy over 35 clips spanning birthday specials, concerts and team members' first and last episodes. There's even a surprise guest appearance from Asher Keddie, who performed as a talent contestant!

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Main image: Young Talent Team circa 1973. From left to right: Trevor Hindmarch, Jane Scali, Greg Mills, Julie Ryles, Debra Byrne, Philip Gould, Vikki Broughton, Rod Kirkham. Courtesy: Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd.