Celebrating Australia's 'terrible' bride


Join us for Muriel's 25th Anniversary with a special screening of the film on 14 December, featuring a presentation about the costumes by NFSA curator Jenny Gall.

Our Online-exclusive Exhibition Updated

Muriel's Wedding made household names and international stars of its lead actors, kicked off an ABBA revival, sparked a hit musical and launched one of the most famous quotes in Australian film history, 'You're terrible, Muriel!'.

It's 25 years since the film was released and to celebrate, we've refreshed and updated Muriel's Wedding - the online exhibition with exclusive interviews with producers Lynda House and Jocelyn Moorhouse, rare publicity and marketing materials, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes, plus Terry Ryan's amazing costumes.

We've also compiled some of our favourite Muriel quotes in the following clip. How many do you remember?

After 25 years, 'You're terrible, Muriel!' holds a rightful place alongside Mick Dundee's 'That's not a knife' and Daryl Kerrigan's 'Tell him he's dreaming' as catchphrases that have entered the Australian vernacular. 

Australian advertising poster for Muriel's Wedding featuring Muriel (Toni Collette) smiling in her wedding dress

Original Daybill poster for the cinema release of Muriel's Wedding (1994). NFSA title 482425.

But PJ Hogan's memorable script produced more than just a single catchphrase, which is made obvious in the above clip. This delightful montage, taken from the movie, contains many of the best lines and memorable quotes that elevated the film to the iconic status it holds today.

Interestingly, 'You're terrible, Muriel!', was almost cut from the film during editing when writer-director Hogan felt he'd heard it so many times it was no longer funny.

Fortunately, editor Jill Bilcock convinced him to include it and it's become so entrenched in our lexicon that Toni Collette has said she has it quoted to her nearly every day.

On the big screen again

Muriel's Wedding producer Lynda House told the NFSA in a 2014 interview, 'The film somehow translates now just as powerfully as it did then'. 

You can judge for yourself as our online-exclusive exhibition also coincides with a 25th anniversary screening of the film on 14 December at the NFSA's Arc Cinema, Canberra.

NFSA Curator, Jenny Gall will be giving an introductory talk about the costumes from the film, which will be on display on the night.

Book your tickets now for our Muriel's Wedding Silver Jubilee screening.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy this journey back down the aisle to celebrate 25 years of Muriel's Wedding in our online exhibition.