Album cover for mental As Anything's record 'Get Wet' with a hyper saturated colour photo of the band members.

Get Wet

Mental As Anything Debut Album 'Get Wet'

Mental As Anything's Debut Album
 Sean O'Brien

In November 1979 Australian band Mental As Anything released their debut album 'Get Wet' to an enthusiastic reception.


Head and shoulders image of Reg Mombassa, his face is printed fluorescent green
Mental As Anything poster feat. Reg Mombassa. NFSA title: 571286

Forming Mental As Anything

With their mix of surreal humour, eccentric personalities, wild live gigs and great songs, nothing like the Mentals had been seen before and Australia embraced the band.

Get Wet peaked at No. 19 on the Australian album chart, and the first single from the album, 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger', a cautionary tale about drinking, reached No. 16 on the singles chart. Guitarist with the band, Reg Mombassa, was 28 at the time and still fresh out of art school, where he had met his fellow band members.

In the first clip below from his NFSA oral history interview with Iain Shedden, Reg recalls the early years of the band: anarchic party gigs and benefits at Redfern’s Settlement; residencies at iconic Sydney venues like Oxford Street’s Unicorn Hotel (where they famously played on the pool table); and playing at the punky Civic Hotel and the suburban Chatswood Charles (see Gallery for poster). It was a vibrant period for music in Sydney.

Also below is a clip of the band performing two songs live at Hearts in 1979, 'Business and Pleasure' and 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger'.

Reg Mombassa discusses the early days of Mental As Anything in this oral history excerpt, 2014. NFSA title: 1274694

Mental As Anything perform 'Business and Pleasure' and 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger' live at Hearts, 1979. NFSA title: 572389

What's in a name?

All the members of the Mentals had odd pseudonyms, mostly invented by Reg, which 40 years later they’re still stuck with. Fortunately for Reg (real name Christopher O'Doherty) his original moniker, Dorky Bladder, was swiftly dropped. In this clip Reg recalls the stories behind the names:

Reg Mombassa discusses the Mental As Anything band members' pseudonyms in this oral history clip, 2014. NFSA title: 1274694

Mental As Anything: Art, Posters and Record Sleeves

Getting Regular

When Mental As Anything started in 1976, free beer was the extent of their ambition. However, in 1978 friends Cameron Allan and Martin Fabinyi were starting a new independent music label, Regular Records, and they were keen to sign the Mentals as the first act.

In this clip, Regular Records co-founder Martin Fabinyi recalls first seeing the Mentals play, signing them to his label, releasing the first Mentals single – a 'triple-A side', recording and releasing their first music, and gaining national attention for the band:

Martin Fabinyi discusses signing Mental As Anything in this excerpt from his oral history interview with Philip Mortlock, 2016. NFSA title: 1472856

 Music video for the Mental As Anything song 'Egypt', from the album Get Wet, c1979. NFSA title: 573517

Side Gig: Visual Art

Like the other band members, including younger brother Peter O’Doherty, Reg was a practising artist. He had already had a one-man show at the Watters Gallery in Darlinghurst prior to forming the Mentals and he continued with his art while in the band. In the 1990s, Reg became part of the Mambo fashion stable, creating iconic characters such as 'Australian Jesus' (see Gallery above for artwork). In this clip Reg talks about his busy life as an artist:

Reg Mombassa discusses working as a visual artist in this oral history clip, 2014. NFSA title: 1274694

A Mental Legacy

The classic Mental As Anything line-up went on to release eight more albums, including Espresso Bongo (1980), Cats & Dogs (1981), Creatures of Leisure (1983) and Fundamental As Anything (1985). The band continued, led by original member Greedy Smith, who sadly passed away in December 2019. In 1999 Reg and younger brother Peter retired from the group to focus on their art and the band Dog Trumpet. In this clip, Reg considers the Mental As Anything legacy:

Reg Mombassa reflects on his music career in this oral history clip, 2014. NFSA title: 1274694

The NFSA holds an extensive collection of Mental As Anything items donated by the band and Regular Records, including the master tapes of Get Wet and many more albums, live recordings, photographs, posters and original vinyl albums and singles.