Actress Sigrid Thornton at the 2011 Longford Lyell Lecture

Longford Lyell Lecture, 2011

Sigrid Thornton offers an actor's perspective

The Longford Lyell Lecture was established in 2001 as a platform to celebrate Australian film and television through the eyes of notable creatives in the audiovisual industry.

The event is also an opportunity to discuss the major issues and challenges facing the production and scholarship of the moving image.

The title of the lecture series acknowledges the successful partnership between director Raymond Longford and co-director/producer and actress Lottie Lyell, the force behind many feature films of the early decades of the twentieth century, including The Sentimental Bloke (1919).

2011 speaker- Sigrid Thornton

The 2011 Longford Lyell Lecture, An Australian Actor’s Perspective on the Industry, was presented by Sigrid Thornton on 28 November 2011.

Watch a video excerpt from Sigrid’s address below or go to YouTube to view five selected excerpts.

Ms Thornton reflected on her career in film and television in the context of the changes in the industry environment over that time. She said, ‘My personal perspective on the Australian film and television industry is framed through my involvement in front of and behind the camera. I have been a strong advocate for a balanced and viable industry over several decades. I welcome the opportunity to create a forum for discussion through the NFSA’s Longford Lyell Lecture.’

A selection of Sigrid Thornton’s work is featured on australianscreen.


Longford Lyell Lecture speakers

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