Celebrating the Career of Jimmy Barnes


For more than 40 years Jimmy Barnes has been igniting audiences in Australia and across the globe with a unique brand of performance, passion and raw magnetism that has made him a national treasure.

He is Australia's most successful solo recording artist, he brings his A-game to every live show and his rock'n'roll lifestyle is the stuff of legend. 

Most recently, he has added bestselling author to his long list of accomplishments with the release of his two-part memoir, Working Class Boy and Working Class Man.

In an exclusive interview with the NFSA, to accompany our new online exhibition Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Man, Jimmy tells us about the early influences and pivotal moments that helped shape his extraordinary life and career.

'That's what I want to do'

In the following interview excerpt, Jimmy talks about his brother John introducing him to new music and the moment he decided he wanted to be in a band:

'That was my ticket out'

In this exclusive interview excerpt, Jimmy Barnes talks about two defining moments in his life – dropping out of school and leaving Adelaide:

All for You

See more from the phenomenal career of Jimmy Barnes with rarely-seen interviews, live performances, posters, photographs and oral history interviews included in our latest online exhibition and accompanying curated collection.

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