By artist Christopher Fulham


In 2009 the NFSA commissioned a series of video artworks from artist Christopher Fulham for use in Arc cinema. The public launch of Christopher’s works is being held at 5.30 pm on 21 July in Arc cinema.

From the moment I discovered the existence of the NFSA’s Arc Cinema commission for video art, I wanted to have my work considered. Arc’s high-definition cinema projection, surround sound audio playback system and lush cinema environment is an ideal venue in which to deliver audiovisual work.

I wanted to create a panoply of visual works that invite the viewer to reconsider the ordinary with a fresh perspective. The works are designed to be interruptible, letting the viewer dip in and out at will, creating a quasi public-private space that promotes a sense of quiet observation and reflection. They are designed to draw attention to the often unnoticed moments where the richness of life can truly be found.

The writing and production of the soundscapes has been challenging. I have a background in electronic music and sound production but for this show I was required to create both an ambient soundtrack as well as to realise the ideas and experiences in the visual work. The soundtracks took many months to complete and had their final mixing and mastering performed at Arc cinema.

I think it’s fantastic that NFSA’s cultural vision includes a place for video art as part of Australia’s broader screen culture. Arc cinema provides an incredible exhibition space for audiences to enjoy all forms of visual screen culture. I feel really privileged to add this partnership with NFSA to my artistic career and hope that through this project other emerging video artists are made aware of the opportunities available with NFSA.

The Arc cinema commission has been a rewarding process. Its development has involved many stages and diverse processes and the realisation of the final show is a credit to everyone who helped make this project possible: the projectionist, the audio mastering engineer, the NFSA’s management and administration staff, and of course the support I received as a research academic from the Australian National University.

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