Let's fire up the barbie


The Australian barbecue is a summer tradition that has been celebrated in film, television and song. Now we're highlighting the humble Aussie barbie with a new online collection.

Fit for royalty

While we may not have invented the barbecue, Aussies have embraced it with a passion and dedication that's unparalleled. Blowflies, mosquitos, ants, barking dogs, crazy uncles and noisy kids – nothing gets in the way of a good barbie!

Aussies can turn any event into a barbecue, from honouring our diggers and celebrating Christmas to a trip to the hardware store or the polling booth on election day. Or even a Royal Tour, as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip discovered in Perth in 2011:

Not just for summer

Delve further into our BBQ collection and you'll discover that great Aussie barbies are not just for summer, but can even be enjoyed in the snow.

In the early days of television, hosts Bert Newton and Reg Lindsay corralled musical talents around the barbecue for shows like Swallows Parade Spectacular and Country and Western Hour. Then in the 1980s, Paul Hogan slipped an 'extra shrimp on the barbie' for a famous tourism campaign and Uncle Arthur invited us round to watch his barbecue home movie on The Comedy Company.

Our BBQ collection is a fascinating snapshot of Australian life and proof of how significant this outdoor tradition is to our national identity. In the words of comedy performer Frankie Davidson, 'C'mon along mate and grab your plate, let's have a barbecuuuuuuuue'.