A young Asian man sitting on a rock in sparse desert setting.

March at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at NFSA for March 2023

Canberra Screenings and Events
 Katie Maling

Join us on 3 to 4 March for a Clara Law Retrospective – three films produced by the Macau-born, Hong Kong-raised and Melbourne-based filmmaker, and presented with ACMI. There will be special Q&As with Law and her partner and collaborator Eddie L.C Fong after Floating Life (1996) and her latest film, Drifting Petals (2021), and we are also screening The Goddess of 1967 (2000).

Show your support and celebrate your pride this March as the NFSA presents highlights from Queer Screen’s 30th edition of the Mardi Gras Film Festival. As well as recent award-winning features In From the Side (2022) and The Venus Effect (2022), and the Best of the MGFF23 Shorts, there will be a special Q&A after the Stephen Cummins Retrospective screening of nine landmark short films recently remasterd by the NFSA.

We're hosting a special screening of the NFSA Restores restoration of Sunday Too Far Away (1975), starring Jack Thompson, and presented with the Friends of the NFSA. Curator Nathan Smith will introduce the screening and there will be a reception for members of Friends of the NFSA from 5.30pm.

Learn about the rise, fall and afterlife of filmmakers’ co-operatives in Australia with Senses of Cinema (2022) – followed by a Q&A with co-directors Tom Zubrycki and John Hughes, as well as Sydney Co-op member Susan Lambert.

Plus our Doco of the Month, Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey (2022), is essential viewing for film geeks. We have a special International Women’s Day edition of The Vinyl Lounge, continuing series Women Make Film, SCIENCE.ART.FILM. and Australian New Wave, and much more, so follow the links below to book your tickets now!

Full line-up:




Aqua and blue graphic of a record being played on a record player.



The Vinyl Lounge – 3 March, 5:30pm


An Asian-Australian family of four, standing side by side, wearing sunglasses and staring out a window.



Floating Life + Q&A – 3 March, 6pm


A confused-looking young man looks at a young woman who has her eyes closed and is holding on tightly to a metal ladder.



The Goddess of 1967 – 4 March, 2pm


A man standing alone on an empty street at night time.



Drifting Petals + Q&A – 4 March, 6pm




A film projector in a paddock



Doco of the Month: Splice Here – A Projected Odyssey – 9 March, 6pm


Illustration of a woman with a movie camera



Women Make Film: Reveal, Memory, and Time – 11 March, 1pm, FREE


A stag and a deer in a snowy wooded area.



On Body and Soul – 11 March, 2:30pm





Actor Jack Thompson in a scene from Sunday Too Far Away in which he is bending down and shearing a sheep. He is wearing a singlet and his face is red and sweaty.



NFSA Restores: Sunday Too Far Away – 17 March, 6pm





Australian New Wave: The Last Wave – 18 March, 1pm




A futuristic sci-fi landscape. A modern building is on the grassy bank of a lake. The land beyond rises upwards like a ramp and intersects the sky as if we are viewing the inside of a matrix.



SCIENCE.ART.FILM.: Elysium + Discussion – 23 March, 6pm, FREE


Head and shoulders shot of a group of men wearing rugby jerseys huddled closely together on a field



MGFF23: In From the Side – 24 March, 7pm


Head and shoulders shot of two women in an embrace smiling at each other.



MGFF23: The Venus Effect – 25 March, 6pm


Reflection in a window of a man with his arms raised over his head. Through the window you can see a city skyline.



Best of MGFF23 Shorts – 25 March, 8:30pm


Close up of two men standing side by side and looking intently into the camera.



Stephen Cummins Retrospective + Q&A – 26 March, 5pm





Close up of a lightbox with strips of film placed on it.

Senses of Cinema + Q&A – 30 March, 9pm



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Main image: Drifting Petals (Clara Law, 2021)