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July at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at NFSA for July 2023

Screenings and Events in Canberra
 Katie Maling

Ngara ('Listen' in Dharawal language) is our Arc Cinema program for NAIDOC Week in Canberra. From 29 June through to 8 July, we'll be screening a powerful line-up that honours the history and culture of First Nations Australians. The program includes feature films from acclaimed directors Warwick Thornton (The New Boy, Samson and Delilah) and Rachel Perkins (NFSA Restores: Radiance), plus two landmark documentaries (Buried Country, NFSA Restores: Lousy Little Sixpence).

Explore Uncharted Territory with us at the NFSA as we discuss creativity, experimentation and groundbreaking ideas within the framework of improving public spaces. Following the panels, join us for a screening of The Giants, about environmental folk hero and gay icon, Bob Brown. A Q&A with Bob will follow the screening.

In association with Sydney Film Festival and ACMI, we present an extensive Jane Campion Retrospective. It includes all nine of her feature films as well as a selection of her short films and a new documentary, Jane Campion: The Cinema Woman.

Local drag artist Venus Mantrap will host the next instalment of our Fright Night: Cult Cinema Classics season – a screening of Robocop . Sophisticated crime, police brutality, machines doing the work of humans... This isn’t 2023, this is 2029 – as imagined by director Paul Verhoeven in his satirical blockbuster from 1987.

Continue reading below for a full line-up of the films screening this month at the NFSA and click on the links to book your tickets!

Please help us keep everyone safe by reading and following our COVID-safety and visitor information and don’t forget to get your Club NFSA card when you arrive.


full line-up:

Follow the links below to book tickets.



NAIDOC Week – NFSA Restores: Radiance – 29 June, 6pm

NAIDOC Week – Advance Screening: The New Boy – 30 June, 6pm

NAIDOC Week – Samson and Delilah – 1 July, 6pm

The Vinyl Lounge – 7 July, 5:30pm

NAIDOC Week – Buried Country + Jerikye Williams Performance – 7 July, 6pm

NAIDOC Week – NFSA Restores: Lousy Little Sixpence – 8 July, 2pm



Uncharted Territory: Designing Playful and Vibrant Places – 14 July, 6pm

Australian New Wave: Razorback – 15 July, 1pm

Uncharted Territory: How Beer, Art and Our Cultural Institutions Can Lead the Transition to a Regenerative Future – 15 July, 4:30pm

Uncharted Territory: The Giants screening + Q&A with Bob Brown – 15 July, 6:30pm



Jane Campion: The Cinema Woman – 20 July, 6pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – Two Friends + Peel – 21 July, 6pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – Sweetie + A Girl’s Own Story – 22 July, 2pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – An Angel at My Table – 22 July, 6pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – The Piano – 23 July, 2pm



Jane Campion Retrospective – The Portrait of a Lady – 27 July, 6pm

Jane Camption Retrospective – Holy Smoke + Passionless Moments – 28 July, 6pm

Fright Night Cult Classics: Robocop – 28 July, 9pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – In the Cut + After Hours – 29 July, 2pm

Jane Campion Restrospective – Bright Star + The Water Diary – 29 July, 6pm

Jane Campion Retrospective – The Power of the Dog – 30 July, 2pm



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Main image: Abbie Cornish in Bright Star (Jane Campion, 2009).