Protesters hold banners calling for Aboriginal land rights at a march

January at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at NFSA for January 2023

Canberra Screenings and Events
 Katie Maling

Fed up with workin’ 9 to 5? Is Jolene from 2 doors down throwing you off your game? Forget your troubles by celebrating Dolly Parton’s birthday with us on 19 January! Be a diamond in a world of rhinestones and see Seriously Red (2022) – a film that follows the journey of Red as she trades in her life to become a Dolly impersonator. Continue your Dolly celebrations with our Arc Out Loud screening of 9 to 5 (1980) on 20 January, where you can sing along to your heart’s content while Dolly and her co-stars plot revenge on their egotistical and sexist boss with wild outcomes.

On 25 January, we are screening You Can Go Now (2022), a film depicting 50 years of First Nations activism in Australia through the lens of Richard Bell, a First Nations artist. As a self-proclaimed ‘activist masquerading as an artist’, Bell defies the institutions of colonialism in Australia and asserts the rights of First Nations people at a time when Australia is contemplating voice, truth and treaty. Join us for a viewing of the film, followed by a Q&A with Richard Bell and director Larissa Behrendt.

This month, on 26 January, we also have a free screening of Ningla A-Na (1972) – the only film documenting the establishment of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra. This hard-hitting movie tells the story from the inside and captures the tide of support from around Australia which finally led to the grant of native title land rights.

If the school holidays are seeming just a tad too long, bring the kiddos back to the 80s with our school holiday program. With 8 popular films from the 1980s screening throughout January, this is an opportunity to send your family Back to the Future (1985), or teach them the subtle art of Wax On, Wax Off with The Karate Kid Part II (1986). At only $10 a ticket, this opportunity to entertain the family can’t be missed!

Help us celebrate the birthday of The King, Elvis Presley, on 8 January by coming to a screening of Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS (2022). Your tickets to the film include access to the Australians & Hollywood exhibition, where you can come and admire Catherine Martin’s costuming brilliance with a peek at costumes from the film.

If you’re in the mood for an Aussie indie film, you'll enjoy 6 Festivals  (2022) – a drama about a group of young friends who decide to throw themselves into a whirlwind of music festivals to try and escape the reality of a devastating diagnosis. Bundle your screening of 6 Festivals with a visit to Australians & Hollywood and save up to 15 per cent!

Please help us keep everyone safe by reading and following our COVID-safety and visitor information and don’t forget to get your Club NFSA card when you arrive.


 The Full Line-up



Austin Butler as Elvis Presley singing to a TV audience of adoring female fans in the movie ELVIS. He has a guitar strapped to him and is wearing a black leather suit.



ELVIS birthday screening 

8 Jan, 1pm



A large moon in the night sky behind a silhouette of a child riding a flying bicycle with a basket on the handle bars.



ET The Extra-Terrestrial

11 Jan, 10:30am

Three teenagers on BMX bicycles



BMX Bandits – 35mm

12 Jan, 10:30am

A young woman raising her arm in celebration while attending a music festival



Aussie Indies: 6 Festivals

13 Jan, 6pm



Four men standing in a row wearing beige uniforms with equipment strapped to their backs




16 Jan, 10:30am

An older man with white hair, wearing a lab coat and holding a large remote control standing next to a young man at night time, they both look shocked as they stare into the distance.



Back to the Future

17 Jan, 10:30am

An older Japanese man and a teenage boy pictured from the shoulders up facing each other.



The Karate Kid Part II

18 Jan, 10:30am

A woman dressed like Dolly Parton in a white dress and blonde wig sings into a microphone next to someone dressed as Elvis Presley



Seriously Red

19 Jan, 6pm

Three women (actors Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) standing side by side each with their arms folded looking at something off camera.



Arc Out Loud: 9 to 5

20 Jan, 8pm


WEEK 4:  


A young woman and man pictured from the shoulders up in a forest, they are dishevelled and have dirt on their faces.



The Princess Bride

23 Jan, 10:30am


A man in a suit pictured from the waist up in profile staring at a fortune-telling machine from a carnival.




24 Jan, 10:30am


An astronaut standing on the moon with an American flag behind him.



The Last Steps + Apollo 11: Quarantine     

24 Jan, 6pm

Close up of a man looking through a magnifying glass and holding a spoon while a woman looks over his shoulder.



Honey, I Shrunk the Kids                                  

25 Jan, 10:30am

An older First Nations man pictured seated in front of a map of Australia on the wall. The words 'Paye the Rent' are painted over the map.



You Can Go Now + Q&A

25 Jan, 6pm

A large tent set up in the middle of a field. There are signs on the front of the tent - one of them reads Aboriginal Tent Embassy.



Ningla A-Na

26 Jan, 2pm, FREE

Silhouette of a fire truck surrounded by bushland that is on fire and glowing orange.



Doco of the Month: Fire Front

28 Jan, 2pm



Main image: You Can Go Now