A souped-up car speeding down a desert highway in Mad Max 2, flanked by another car and a motorbike

January 2022 at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at the NFSA – January 2022

Canberra Screenings and Events
 Matt Kemp

There’s no better way to start 2022 than by seeing the amazing films on offer this January at Arc Cinema!

Bring the whole family along these school holidays to experience the magic of Jim Henson. Henson's creativity has delighted moviegoers around the world for decades; we're excited to share 6 of his films that demonstrate why his work continues to captivate audiences. 

Get your engines revving with our Mad Max-A-Thon! We're screening George Miller's iconic Mad Max series – from Mad Max (1979) to the fantastic Mad Max: Fury Road – Black & Chrome Edition (2015) – to coincide with our exhibition, Australians & Hollywood. The exhibition will open late on Friday nights during summer with screening and exhibition ticket bundles available.

At the end of the month we're exploring the inventive and deeply humanistic films of Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. We will be screening 6 of his films from 28 to 30 January in partnership with ACMI and the Sydney Film Festival. You can purchase individual tickets, a Season Pass for all 6 films, or a 3-ticket pass for the Koker Trilogy.

It would be 'inconceivable' to miss the next Arc Out Loud!: a quote-a-long screening of the swashbuckling adventure classic The Princess Bride (1987). And don’t forget Canberra's own horror film The Furies (2019), or our free screening of the confronting but vital documentary Incarceration Nation (2021).

Please help us keep everyone safe by reading and following our COVID-safety and visitor information and don’t forget to get your Club NFSA card when you arrive. 


The Magic of Jim Henson: Labyrinth – 5 January, 10:30am 

The Magic of Jim Henson: Muppets Most Wanted – 6 January, 10:30am 

The Magic of Jim Henson: Follow That Bird – 7 January, 10:30am 

The Magic of Jim Henson: The Dark Crystal – 12 January, 10:30am 

The Magic of Jim Henson: The Muppets – 13 January, 10:30am 

The Magic of Jim Henson: The Muppets Take Manhattan – 14 January, 10:30am 

Doco of the Month: Girls Can’t Surf – 13 January, 6pm 

Arc Out Loud: The Princess Bride Quote-A-Long – 14 January, 8pm 

Aussie Indies: The Furies – 15 January, 2pm 

Australians & Hollywood – Mad Max-A-Thon Season Pass

Mad Max – 21 January, 7pm 

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior – 22 January, 3pm 

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – 22 January, 6pm 

Mad Max: Fury Road Black & Chrome Edition – 23 January, 6pm 

Incarceration Nation + Discussion – 27 January, 6pm, FREE 

Friday Matinee: Sunset Boulevard – 28 January, 10:30am 

The Films of Abbas Kiarostani Season Pass  

Koker Trilogy Pass 

Taste of cherry (Ta’m E Guilass) – 28 January, 7pm 

Where Is the Friend’s House? (Khane-Ye Doust Kodjasy?) – 29 January, 2pm 

And Life Goes On… (Zendegi Va Digar Hich) – 29 January, 4pm 

Through The Olive Trees (Zire Darakhatan Zeyton) – 29 January, 7pm 

The Wind Will Carry Us (Bad Ma RaKahad Bord) – 30 January, 2pm 

Ten (Dah) – 30 January, 4:30pm