A group of four people sitting in a huddle.

February 2023 at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at NFSA for February 2023

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 Katie Maling

Have you watched every rom-com ever made? Some of them more than once? Do you know the juicy details behind celebrity couples, love stories gone wrong, and iconic soundtracks? Then gather a team and join us ahead of Valentine's Day for Trivia, Actually on 11 February.

Trivia, Actually is a night of questions all about love and romance featuring movie clips, interactive games, and of course prizes to be won – perhaps even a prize worthy of enticing your best friend’s new bride to love you! Book your team’s tickets together to be seated as a group in our beautiful courtyard. Daana’s The Curators Café and Bar with put together a special menu for the night. Trivia starts at 6:30pm, with the bar open from 6pm.

Continue celebrating the month of love with our Arc Out Loud Quote-A-Long screening of The Wedding Singer (1998), starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Our SCIENCE.ART.FILM. series continues with a free screening of zom rom-com Warm Bodies (2013), followed by what promises to be a lively discussion about the symbolism of the heart with experts from the ANU.

Love truly heats up with our Doco of the Month selection: Fire of Love (2022). The award-winning film is about how one couple's shared passion – for volcanoes and each other – enabled pioneering scientific research that helped save lives, but ultimately ended their own.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, though. Celebrate the fabulous friendships in your life with our Galentine’s Day screening of The First Wives Club (1996), complete with a glass of bubbles upon arrival. And our Sunday Matinee screening of Beaches (1988), presented on a 35mm film print from the NFSA collection, is guaranteed to make you sob.

In collaboration with Umbrella Entertainment, the NFSA revisits landmark cinematic storytelling with the Australian New Wave Season. Running monthly from February to November, the series kicks off with Walkabout (1971). Starring David Gulpilil in his first feature film, Walkabout was hailed internationally as a masterpiece. Buy yourself a 5-film season pass (or 2) and select which spectacular screenings to attend.

Please help us keep everyone safe by reading and following our COVID-safety and visitor information and don’t forget to get your Club NFSA card when you arrive.


 The Full Line-up



Aqua and blue graphic of a record being played on a record player.



The Vinyl Lounge

3 Feb, 5:30pm

Illustration of a woman with a movie camera



Women Make Film: Tension, Stasis and Leave Out

4 Feb, 1pm

A young girl looking at a green bicycle.




4 Feb, 2:30pm




A group of four people sitting in a huddle.



Trivia, Actually

11 Feb, 6:30pm




Head and shoulders shot of three women wearing white blazers (Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler) smiling in a scene from the film The First Wives Club.



Galentine’s Day: The First Wives Club

13 Feb, 6pm

A person in a full body fire-protective suit walking near a volcano. You can see lava in the background.



Doco of the Month: Fire of Love

16 Feb, 6pm

Close up of a young woman with short blonde hair (Drew Barrymore) smiling and looking at a man (Adam Sandler) singing into a microphone in a promotional shot for the film The Wedding Singer.



Arc Out Loud: The Wedding Singer Quote-a-long

17 Feb, 8pm

A young Aboriginal man holding a spear leading a teenage girl and young boy, walking in the outback in a scene from Walkabout.



Australian New Wave Season: Walkabout

18 Feb, 1pm



Austin Butler as Elvis Presley singing to a TV audience of adoring female fans in the movie ELVIS. He has a guitar strapped to him and is wearing a black leather suit.



ELVIS: Encore Screening

19 Feb, 1pm

Head and shoulders shot of a young man standing in the rain. He has the look of a zombie - his skin has a grey/bluish tinge and his eyes are red..




22 Feb, 6pm

Head and shoulders of a young man looking intently into the camera against a blue sky dotted with clouds.



Aussie Indies: Everything In Between

24 Feb, 6pm

A man and two woman, roughly in their 30s, stand holding glasses of wine talking to each other in a scene from the film Beaches. One of the women looks unhappy.



Sunday Matinee: Beaches

26 Feb, 2pm


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Main image: NFSA Trivia night, July 2022. Photograph: Grace Costa