Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi in passionate embrace

February at Arc Cinema

Arc Cinema Program at the NFSA – February 2021

Canberra Screenings and Events
 Ellen Espagne

We are excited to announce the line-up we have in store for you at Arc Cinema for the remainder of February!

This month with Love and Neon we are celebrating Wong Kar-Wai’s contribution to filmmaking by screening five of his greatest films. His exploration of genres spans gangster, melodrama, sci-fi and wuxia in his investigation of relationships and urban spaces.

Join us for our Arc Out Loud screening of Mommie Dearest (1981) with Faye Dunaway stunning and completely memorable as Joan Crawford. We dive headlong into the adaptation of Christina Crawford’s infamous book with some Bad Movie Bingo.

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience iconic features Casablanca (1942) and Taxi Driver (1976) on the big screen. And walk the red carpet with us as we celebrate last year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, Parasite (2019)!

Come join us for a month of special screenings and events and grab your Club NFSA loyalty card when you arrive.

The line-up (links go to ticketing page):

Virtual Vinyl Lounge – 18 February, 7pm

Chungking Express – 19 February, 6pm

In the Mood for Love – BY POPULAR DEMAND – 19 February, 8.30pm

In the Mood for Love – 20 February, 6pm

2046 (pictured above) – 20 February, 8.15pm

Fallen Angels – 21 February, 2pm 

Happy Together – 21 February, 4.30pm

Chungking Express – BY POPULAR DEMAND – 21 February, 6.45pm

Doco of the Month: Finke: There and Back – 25 February, 6pm

Casablanca – 26 February, 10.30am

Arc Out Loud: Mommie Dearest – Bad Movie Bingo – 26 February, 8pm

The Story of Film: American Cinema of the 70s – 27 February, 1pm

Taxi Driver – 27 February, 2.30pm

Not the Oscars: Parasite Party! – 27 February, 6pm