2016: A-list visitors and big crowds!

NFSA events to remember
 Adam Blackshaw

Each year the NFSA is visited by special guests willing to help us celebrate and share our collection and, most importantly, by thousands of people interested to hear from these talented people, as well as our experts. Here's a look back at some of great events we presented in 2016.


The year kicked off with Gillian Armstrong celebrating Australia Day with us for a special screening of Starstruck. We went fully retro with The Go!! Show, and recorded fascinating oral history interviews.


In Autumn we had a special concert by a Sounds of Australia inductee, shared some of our secrets with a young TV audience, welcomed the man who peed on Fellini, and dressed up for Eurovision.


We witnessed the 'reunion of the Helfgotts', celebrated the work of a dentist and amateur filmmaker who captured Paralympic history, and hosted a number of red carpet premieres, as well as the ultimate sound conference.


In Spring we barely stopped to take a breath! From a new website to our biggest collection item, we shared the collection in many, many ways.


We ended the year with another celebration of the restoration of Proof (1991), and a day of contemporary music and old technologies.