Three people lined up with a white background behind them. The woman on the left holds an Oscar statuette. The middle man holds a platform thong with sequins on it and the man on the right holds a Game CD.


Hive at the NFSA

A space to explore NFSA stories

Hive was an interactive public space operating at the NFSA from August 2020 to June 2023.


The joy of rediscovery

Visit Hive and gain an insight into the NFSA collection – and the experts tasked with preserving it.


Hive interactive exhibition space with large screens, Ipads and seating.

The Hive interactive space. Photographer: Naomi Colley.


The centrepiece of Hive is an interactive display titled Storywall, produced by the NFSA and SBS Digital Creative Labs.

Storywall features a life-size projection of six NFSA experts 'waiting' for visitors to interact with them using their mobile devices. Once selected, they will tell a story about themselves and their passion for Australia's audiovisual history, as well as digitally showcasing items from the NFSA collection.

Prepare to learn more about Australia's first Academy Award or discover the story behind Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’s platform shoe, amongst other NFSA treasures.

The stories are available in English plus Arabic, French, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

An image of six people projected onto a wall in The Hive at the NFSA.

Storywall, produced by the NFSA and SBS Digital Creative Labs. Photographer: Naomi Colley.

More to explore

But that's not all you'll find in Hive. Spend some time enjoying the Sounds of Australia – listen to your favourite sounds and learn more about the history of Australian music.

Discover how our experts digitally restore iconic film titles for NFSA Restores.

Test your knowledge of Australian culture, music, TV and film with our NFSA trivia game (pictured below).

A large wall-mounted screen shows text saying 'The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia'. There are three ipads on stands in front of it displaying the graphics for the NFSA trivia game.

Challenge your knowledge of Australian culture and history with the NFSA trivia game in Hive. Photographer: Naomi Colley.

You told us you wanted to know more about what we do and how we look after your national collection, so Hive is dedicated to doing exactly that.


Main image: a detail from the interactive Storywall in Hive.