A Very NFSA Christmas: Gremlins PG

Close up of a cute furry creature from the film Gremlins
09 December
Arc Cinema
$12 / $10
Dir: Joe Dante , PG, United States, 1984, 106mins, DCP,

When Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) is gifted the adorable pet mogwai Gizmo, he is told of three important rules: never let him get wet, don’t expose him to bright light, especially sunlight, and never feed him after midnight.

Naturally, before too long Gizmo is exposed to water, and he spawns five more mogwai. Once these new creatures are fed after midnight, they turn into mischievous and destructive gremlins.

Now unleashed on an unsuspecting town, the gremlins begin a spree of destruction and murder for their own amusement. Billy, his Christmas-hating girlfriend Kate (Phoebe Cates) and Gizmo must find a way to stop this horde of troublesome monsters once and for all.

Quite possibly one of the most chaotic Christmas classics, Gremlins includes plenty of family-friendly laughs but also has a dark comedic edge that will entertain parents as much as children. 

‘Here's the season's most delicious and unexpected surprise. Despite the horror-flick title, Gremlins is a movie of wicked wit and startling invention, and it has a heart that's at least a match for the special effects’ – People Magazine

This screening is part of our A Very NFSA Christmas season.



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