Daily program: Vintage Australia

Date information01 July-31 August
Daily 10am - 4pm
Location informationArc Cinema
Event costFREE (no booking required)

What was life in Australia like 50 years ago? Enjoy a look at our cities in the 1960s, as well as some remarkable 1940s and ‘50s fashions, in these featurettes and newsreels from the NFSA collection.


10.00am - Life in Australia: Sydney

10.30am - Life in Australia: Perth

11.00am - Life in Australia: Melbourne

11.30am - Vintage Fashion (see below for more information)

12.00pm - Life in Australia: Sydney

12.30pm - Life in Australia: Perth

1.00pm - Life in Australia: Melbourne

1.30pm - Vintage Fashion

2.00pm - Life in Australia: Sydney

2.30pm - Life in Australia: Perth

3.00pm - Life in Australia: Melbourne

3.30pm - Vintage Fashion


Vintage Fashion titles

Christian Dior Fashions Bring Breath of Paris – Movietone News, 1948 (silent; 1min 37secs)

Paris Comes to Sydney: Lavish French Exhibition at Royal Show – Cinesound Review, (1956; 1min 24secs)

Paris Fashions: French Mannequins Present the New look – Cinesound Review, (1948; 3mins 23secs)

Aristocrats at Royal Sydney Sheep Show – Cinesound Review, (1951, 2mins 17secs)

New Styles: Fashion Show – 15,000 Feet Up – Cinesound Review, (1959; 45secs)

Australian Diary 39: Three-Way Hat is Novel Fashion – Film Australia Collection, (1950; 1min 28secs)

Futuristic Styles at Hairdressing Convention – Home Movie, c.1950 (silent; 2mins 30secs)

The Melbourne Wedding Belle  Film Australia Collection, (1953; 10mins 6secs)