Cult Classics: Fatal Attraction M

Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction looking intently at someone off camera
23 February
Arc Cinema
Dir: Adrian Lyne, M, United States, 1987, 116mins, DCP,

Ditch the cliches this Valentine’s Day season and revisit the film responsible for the term ‘bunny boiler’: Fatal Attraction, starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.  

While this Oscar-nominated film retains its firm grasp as a sophisticated and sexy thriller, the lens in which we view its central characters – and their behaviours – has transformed.  

Join Venus Mantrap on an excursion to 1980s Manhattan with this iconic film directed by Adrian Lyne, whose erotic escapades also include 9 ½ Weeks (1986) and Indecent Proposal (1993). This one-night stand will be one to remember! 

Features pre-show performance by Venus Mantrap.

‘Two absolutely riveting performances and a smart reversal of the usual male-female stalker scenario leave behind a nasty taste and an unforgettable cinema experience’ – Empire 

‘A glossy, confident piece of studio engineering cast and packaged for maximum prestige, Fatal Attraction was a genuine phenomenon… [that was] nominated for six Academy Awards and grossed $320 million at the box office’ – The Ringer 


Venus Mantrap  

Venus Mantrap is an androgynous construct whose roots are firmly planted in the world of drag. Exploring aspects of cabaret, performance-art and comedy during live shows, Mantrap has produced The Bowie Ball and starred in the one-person-shows Life, Love and Lip Syncing and Valley of the Molls. Venus is regularly found at Smith's Alternative as the MC of Cabaret Voltaire and has been a featured artist at Glitterbox, LGBTIQ+ Elders Dance Club, Drag Cabaret and Finucane and Smith's touring show Dancehall. Follow them on Instagram at @the_venus_mantrap.  



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