Brand Bollywood Downunder: Australia's Love Affair with Bollywood PG

A still from the film Brand Bollywood Downunder: Australia’s Love Affair with Bollywood, 2023, showing Farhan Akhtar and a group of smiling people at a multicultural festival with their arms outstretched towards the camera.
03 July
Arc Cinema
Dir: Anupam Sharma, PG, Australia, 2023, 92mins, DCP,

When Bollywood productions first touched down to film in Australia in the late 1990s, they brought not only the genre’s signature colour, music and exuberance, but also serious money that demanded the attention of local tourism and trade industries. 

Nor did the opportunities presented by Bollywood filming down under escape the notice of politicians, who offered incentives from film subsidies to dance cameos to keep enticing the Bollywood industry to Australian shores.

This recent release from director Anupam Sharma goes beyond the glitz and glamour, delving into the rise of Bollywood in Australia and the inner workings of this global phenomenon.

‘Told through the voice of Bollywood, this documentary delves into its journey, its magic, its dark side, and how this unique, often misunderstood genre found its way into the hearts of millions’ – Hush Hush Biz



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