Australian New Wave Season

David Gulpilil, pointing a spear, stands in the desert with Jenny Agutter and Lucien John in private school uniforms in a scene from the film Walkabout
18 November
Arc Cinema
$12 / $10 or 5 film season pass $50 / $40

Presenting the Australian New Wave: 10 bold and provocative films that put Australian cinema on the world stage in the 1970s and 80s.

Starting in the early 1970s, a resurgence of government funding for film production gave birth to a generation of new voices and a renaissance of Australian cinema.

The Australian New Wave is marked by its distinctive and raw storytelling, which redefined Australia as a land of open spaces, sudden violence and sexual expression.

The films of this era also began to address Australia’s relationship with, and mistreatment of, First Nations peoples.

From this time emerged some of Australia’s most pivotal filmmakers, such as Peter Weir, Bruce Beresford, Fred Schepisi and Nadia Tass.

In collaboration with Umbrella Entertainment, the NFSA revisits this landmark era in Australian cinematic storytelling with a monthly series from February to November.


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$12 Adult / $10 Concession per session, or

5-film season pass: $50 Adult / $40 Concession



Walkabout - 18 February, 1:00pm

The Last Wave - 18 March, 1:00pm

Deathcheaters - 15 April, 1:00pm

The Fringe Dwellers - 20 May, 1:00pm

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith - 17 June, 1:00pm

Razorback - 15 July, 1:00pm

Malcolm - 19 August, 1:00pm

Patrick - 16 September, 1:00pm

Wake in Fright - 14 October, 1:00pm

Snapshot - 18 November, 1:00pm

These films are held in the NFSA collection.



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