Discover a new way to experience Australia’s largest audiovisual collection online!


14 NOVEMBER 2016

Discover a new way to experience Australia’s largest audiovisual collection online!


The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) has launched a new website where Australians can discover their national audiovisual collection in exciting ways!


The new is mobile responsive and features a fresh design with simplified navigation and a heavy focus on the NFSA’s collection materials – from the earliest surviving films and recorded sounds (1896) to today.


NFSA CEO Michael Loebenstein said: ‘The NFSA is Australia’s “Living Archive”. We are here to collect, preserve and share our priceless collection. Our new website is a key element to share this content, which belongs to all Australians. It’s bright, colourful and inviting, to welcome everyone to discover the NFSA.’


The website showcases the NFSA collection in themed packages: blogs, curated collections and online exhibitions. These are pathways that allow users to explore and design their own experience. boasts more than 50 Curated Collections. You can spend hours exploring collections such as vintage cats, before they were famous (featuring rare early performances by Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Jacki Weaver and more celebrities), time capsules of Australia’s capital cities, some of the world’s earliest films (Lumière) and news footage (newsreels). Of course, some of Australia’s favourite summer activities are also included: the beach, surfing, and cricket!


If you’re in for the full experience, put your feet up and navigate through our Online Exhibitions. We're launching the website with a brand new Storm Boy exhibition, to celebrate its 40th anniversary. It features behind-the-scenes content, as well as a new interview with 'Storm Boy' himself, Greg Rowe, speaking from his home in Toronto. You can also enjoy the new look for Muriel's Wedding and Johnny O'Keefe. There will be more added soon.


The following video highlights the main features of


The NFSA’s refreshed brand features a kookaburra in its logo. The iconic Australian bird was the NFSA’s first logo back in 1984, inspired by the laughing Kookaburra in the early 20th century Movietone News newsreels.


‘The kookaburra returned to reinforce the message that our core values and objectives remain the same as they were in 1984, but we are the 2016 version of the NFSA,’ explained Mr Loebenstein.


The website was developed in partnership with Acquia and Razorfish. For this project, the NFSA joined govCMS, an Australian government initiative to share resources and skills through an open source platform. The NFSA’s investment will benefit other government agencies, as they will be able to utilise any resources originally developed for our website.


NFSA CEO Michael Loebenstein is available for interviews. For more information, please contact National Media Manager Miguel Gonzalez, (02) 8202 0114,, or Publicity Coordinator Jemma Pietrus, (02) 6248 2248,



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