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I'm going to get married

and I'm going to be a success.

Muriel Heslop

A Black Comedy in White

It has been more than 20 years since Australia's most terrible bride said 'I do', but we're still celebrating.

Muriel's Wedding left an indelible mark on Australian pop culture and struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

An awkward misfit, her bullying father, a stifling small town and an opportunity for escape made for the perfect balance of comedy and poignancy in this iconic Aussie film.

My life is as good as an ABBA song.

It's as good as Dancing Queen.

Muriel Heslop

You're terrible


Joanie Heslop

Rhonda changed my life.

Muriel Heslop

You can't stop progress.

Bill Heslop

Dierdre Chambers...

What a coincidence!

Bill Heslop

Oh, by the way, I'm not alone. 

I'm with Muriel.

Rhonda Epinstalk

"No one's ever gonna marry you. You've never even had a boyfriend". 


The Bride

The spectacular wedding gown worn by Muriel (Toni Collette) features a low neckline, highly decorated bodice, ornate lace sleeves and a full skirt with a modest train in heavy ivory satin.

The headpiece adds a touch of regal class to the traditional veil.

Muriel's Wedding Dress

Producer Lynda House talks about costumes in Muriel's Wedding

"We were best friends in high school. We went to Hibiscus Island together."

Cheryl, Tania and Janine

The Peach Bridesmaid's Dress

The three peach-coloured bridesmaids’ ensembles were worn by Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond, above left), Tania (Sophie Lee, centre) and Janine (Belinda Jarrett, right) at Muriel’s wedding.

The Peach Bridesmaid's Dress

The Pink Bridesmaid's Dress

The pink bridesmaids’ ensembles were worn by Janine (Belinda Jarrett), Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond) and Nicole (Pippa Grandison) at Tania’s wedding at the start of the film.

The Pink Bridesmaid's Dress

"My first month of wedded bliss!"

"You didn't even ask if she could cook!"

Producer Lynda House talks about deleted scenes

Fun Facts

Did you know...

PJ Hogan has stated that in writing Muriel, he drew on characteristics of his sister and her stormy relationship with their politician father.
ABBA composers Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus initially refused – many times – PJ Hogan's and the producers’ requests to use ABBA music in Muriel’s Wedding until Hogan threatened to come to Sweden and sent them a copy of his plane ticket.
Muriel’s sister Joanie (Gabby Millgate) says, 'You’re terrible, Muriel’ three times in the film. 'What a coincidence!’ is said by or about Deidre (Gennie Nevinson) six times in the film.

Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Muriel and Rhonda


With thanks to Lynda House, Jocelyn Moorhouse and PJ Hogan, without whom this exhibition would not have been possible; and to TF1 Droits Audiovisuel. 


  • Producer: Mel Bondfield
  • Curators: Jennifer Coombes, Jenny Gall
  • Photographs: Darren Weinert, Tony Rowley
  • Conservation: Shingo Ishikawa
  • Video: Terry Stuetz, Michael Kosmider, Craig Dingwall