This Is Your Life - Fred Parsons

This Is Your Life - Fred Parsons
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Graham Kennedy makes a guest appearance on This Is Your Life, to help celebrate the life and career of scriptwriter Fred Parsons. This episode was broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 July 1977. 

Fred Parsons had known Graham Kennedy since 1962 and would pen all of his major sketches on In Melbourne Tonight, including The Wilsons. The two remained friends, Graham writing a foreword for Fred's 1973 biography of Roy 'Mo' Rene. Previously also Rene's longtime scriptwriter, Parsons noted similarities in the pair's comic timing. '[Graham's] ideal from a writer's point of view, because like Roy Rene, he gets two laughs out of every one you've written', he told the TV Times in 1979. 'He's the only comic I've ever seen who is equally brilliant in three dimensions - as compere, as sketch comic and in commercials'.

The larger-than-usual audience reaction upon Kennedy's unexpected entrance here was likely due to the enormous success of his current program Blankety Blanks, at this point half a year into its two-year ratings domination on the rival 0-10 Network. This brief moment marks the only time a clearly nervous Kennedy appeared on This Is Your Life, otherwise ignoring all requests to appear as the guest of honour.

Notes by Simon Smith