Young Talent Time 50th anniversary

Young Talent Time 50th anniversary
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd. and Seven Network
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This video montage celebrates the 50th anniversary of Young Talent Time's first episode on 24 April 1971.

Seen together the short clip captures the variety show's high-energy brand of music, dance, fabulous costumes and family-orientated fun.

The broad range of popular songs that the talented youngsters perform gives an idea of the longevity of the show, which ran for 18 years.

The songs in this clip are, in order: 'Celebration', 'Neutron Dance', '1999', 'We Are Family', 'She Loves You', ‘Get Ready’, 'Physical', 'All You Need is Love' and ‘You're the One That I Want’.

The last song, 'All My Loving', was the show's signature number that the team and host Johnny Young sang at the end of every show.

Team members seen here, in order of appearance and starting with the photograph at the beginning of the children sitting around Johnny Young: Sally Boyden (1973–76), Debbie (now known as Debra) Byrne (1971–75), Philip Gould (1971–76), Trevor Hindmarch (1972–77), Derek Redfern (1973–76).

They are followed by Lorena Novoa (1984–87, 1988), Mark Stevens (1985–88), Vince Del Tito (now Deltito) (1983–88), Katie Van Ree (1981–86, 1987), Dannii Minogue (1982–88), Vanessa Windsor (1983–87), Natalie Miller (1985–88), Karen Dunkerton (1981–85), Joey Perrone (1980–84), Nicole Cooper (1976–81), Johnny Bowles (1977–81), Steven Zammit (1975–80), Karen Knowles (1975–80), Tina Arena (1977–83), Bobby Driessen (1979–83), Jamie Redfern (1971–72), Greg Mills (1971–75), Rod Kirkham (1971–73), Rikki Arnot (1987–88), Joey Dee (1987–88), Courtney Compagnino (1986–88), Juanita Coco (1987–88), Debbie Hancock (1975–78, 1979), Robert McCullough (1976–79), Vikki Broughton (1971–73), and Julie Ryles (1971–75).

Team members not featured in the clip are: Jane Scali (1971–76), Beven Addinsall (1983–88), Jodie Loebert (1980–83), Michael Campbell (1981–83), Mark McCormack (1982–83), Greg Poynton (1984–88), Tim Nelson (1984–87), Jamie Churchill (1988), Johnnie Nuich (1988) and Keith Williams (1988, one of The New Generation team).

Notes by Beth Taylor