'Wonder World!' Theme Song

'Wonder World!' Theme Song
Simon Townsend, Network Ten
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The music video for 'Wonder World!' by John St Peeters, the theme song for Simon Townsend's Wonder World!. 

The theme was written by Australian songwriter Chris Pelcer. Townsend commissioned the song specifically for the show. First recorded by St Peeters, it was released as a single on the RCA label in 1980.

The 1983 season of Simon Townsend's Wonder World! briefly featured a new version of the song, recorded by singer Naomi Warne.

St Peeters re-recorded 'Wonder World!' and the music video for his new version, as featured in this clip, was unveiled on the show's 1000th episode in 1983. This later version of the song was used in the opening credits until the show ended in 1987. 

This music video features a sequence of offbeat, bizarre and silly scenarios. It's in keeping with the lyrics of course, 'If you believe anything can happen / If you believe anything is possible', and in keeping with the diversity of content on the show itself.