Wocord side 2 - make your own record

Record sleeve for Wocord (World Record). Features two illustrations, showing a woman and a man. The former is operating her portable gramophone, the latter is holdding a newspaper and enjoying the sounds of his top of the line mahogany player
Wocord side 2 - make your own record
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Wocord didn’t last long, as their 'indestructible’ records were made with a cardboard base covered in a thin layer of flexible plastic which disintegrated when it got wet and the records would not play on a normal record player.

World Record (Aust) Pty Ltd
Bay Street, Brighton, Victoria, Australia
Telephone X3454

All Wocord products are fully protected by patents

If you possess talent either as vocalist or instrumentalist, or are desirous of securing a permanent record, either of your own or of your children's voices, the resources of our studio are at a disposal for a moderate fee. Write for full particulars.

The introduction of our wolrd records make an entirely new era in gramophone history. World Records play from 10 to 20 minutes without repetition or attention, therefore one World Record contains upon its surface as much music as five ordinary records. 12 inch world Records, prices from 5/-.

-Portable gramophone, in polished mahogany -fine tone- plays closed with smple attachment, making it easy to carry. Each carrier in lid accommodates 50 single-sided Wafer Records. £7/10/0
-The same gramophone on cabinet, as illustrated, 15 Gns. Crystal and valve sets sold separately.
-Polished mahogany cabinet, top section fitted with our special crystal wireless sets, detachable, portable - plush lined waterproof carrier, 15 Gns. Complete machine as illutrated, £27/10/0. Fitted with valve set and loud speaker complete, £22/10/0 extra