Wocord side 1 - shopping by wireless

Record sleeve for Wocord (World Records), featuring the broadcasting tower of 3PB wireless.
Wocord side 1 - shopping by wireless
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In 1925 Wocord released the first disc recordings made in Australia. They not only recorded the discs but also advertised them on a short-lived Melbourne radio station, 3PB, and sold the special record players needed to play them.

World Record (Aust) Pty Ltd
Bay Street, Brighton, Victoria, Australia
Telephone X3454

All Wocord products are fully protected by patents

-Wafer Duplex Record 1/-
-Wafer Duplex Record Gold Label 1/6
-Wafer Record UNBREAKABLE 1/6
-Austral Duplex Record 2/-
-Austral Duplex Record Gold Label 3/-
-Austral Record INDESTRUCTIBLE 3/-

Whereas during the manufacture of these records, every precaution has been taken to assure perfection, by only employing the highest-grade materials and workmanship, should any record fail from either of the above reasons (fair wear and ill-usage excepted) in give entire and perfect satisfaction, we guarantee, on receipt of such record, to replace the same with an entirely new record of same title.
The condition of this guarantee is, that such record shall be sent, carriage paid, together with stamps to cover return posage, to 225 Bay Street, North Brighton.

Select your records at home by wireless
Under the call sign of 3PB, we broadcast complete dance programmes each evening, from 8 till 10, including all the latest hits.
The name and number of each record will be announced when broadcasting.