Wirrangul Women: Always Have, Always Will: Eagle Dreaming

Wirrangul Women: Always Have, Always Will: Eagle Dreaming
WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following program may contain images and/or audio of deceased persons
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Wanda Miller, in voice-over, explains the importance of a rock hole that is the only source of constant or living water in the area, and how it was frequented by tribes from all over the area. Consequently there are many roads leading to the rock hole coming from many different directions. The area is the Eagle Dreaming story, and it is of great significance to the Wirangu people.

Gladys Miller tells us that the Wirangu people are coastal people, living on the coast all their lives. Shots of the coastline, and a humpback whale passing by. The women travelling in a four-wheel drive stop to look at a cave. Gladys tells us that they used to climb in the caves when they were younger. The cave they are looking at has a Dreamtime story about the birth of the Wirangu people. Wirrangul means people from the sky, Gladys says the story goes that the Wirangu people came up from the ground and went up into the sky.

Summary by Romaine Morton