Winners – Room to Move: Families

Winners – Room to Move: Families
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Carol is making coffee for Angie (Alyssa Cook) in the kitchen with her mother Alison Trig (Veronica Lang). Peter Trig (Terence Donovan) won’t let the rather overawed Angie walk home so drives her. Angie gets out at a fake address so he doesn’t know the squalor she really lives in. At her house, her drunken father Bruce Spry (Martin Harris) is flaked on the couch, and the place is a mess. Depressed, Angie covers her dad with a blanket and begins to clean up. Next day, working in the hamburger bar she is a different person, relaxed, having fun and treated with respect by the customers, much to Carol’s admiration. Summary by Annemaree O'Brien.