Winifred Atwell meets a Koala

Winifred Atwell hands a gum leaf to a bemused looking Koala
Winifred Atwell meets a Koala
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Winifred Atwell was a ragtime pianist who enjoyed great success in the UK and Australia, including two number one singles in the UK (in 1954 and 1956).

A note on the back of the photo reads:

'Long before she went to Australia, Winifred Atwell had an ambition to meet up with a real live koala bear. Here she is pictured with one at the Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, when she toured the zoo as guest of Sir Edward Hallstrom.

'Australia keeps a careful eye on its koalas, and before one is allowed to be taken out of the country the authorities first have to be satisfied that the right kind of food (locally grown) can still be supplied.'