Winifred Atwell with Hollywood star Betty Hutton

Actress Betty Hutton plays Winifred Atwell's piano and makes a crazy face while Atwell laughs
Winifred Atwell with Hollywood star Betty Hutton
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A note on the back of this photo reads: 'Winifred Atwell had a backstage visit from actress Betty Hutton, when the American star was also appearing in Melbourne.

'Betty asked if she could have a go on Winnie's famous 'Other Piano', and at the ensuing impromptu backstage performance, Winnie led the theatre staff in singing some current pop songs while Betty played the Atwell upright.'

Betty Hutton was an American stage, film, and television actress, comedian, dancer, and singer. Her films include Annie Get Your Gun (George Sidney, USA, 1950) and the Oscar-winning Best Picture The Greatest Show on Earth (Cecil B DeMille, USA, 1952).