Wildlife Ranger

Wildlife Ranger
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Australia’s Arnhem Land is patrolled by the wildlife ranger. In a remote and vast area of pristine natural beauty, the work ranges from tracking wildlife to rescuing baby turtles.

This clip is an excerpt from the film Wildlife Ranger (1979).

Set in the beautiful but isolated Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, Wildlife Ranger traces the duties and lifestyle of a national park ranger, including protection of and research into the diverse range of flora and fauna in the area.

The program follows two rangers plying the boat along the waterways in the wet season to check out a remote rookery. This gives us a close look at a unique environment, both at ground level and through breathtaking aerial photography.

We see the northern monsoonal forests, grasslands and wildlife in all their beauty, colour and diversity. The program also touches on the problems of remoteness from major towns, illustrated with the arrival of the fortnightly mail plane from Darwin.