Who's For Tennis?

Who's For Tennis?
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This 1968 Australian Diary film asks the question, 'Is the Australian interest in tennis falling off?'. Audiences have dropped. The serve-volley game, played by the men in particular, is not as exciting. Has Australia's dominance in the sport finally ended?

Special tennis camps for children and young people aim to nurture the talents of future champions. But for young people there are competing interests, such as surfing, yachting, golf, cricket, basketball or simply watching TV. 

The footage of young girls marching and training in regimented lines mustn't have been very appealing to teenagers in the late 60s, especially when the producers of this film have included some mawkish classical music and juxtaposed it with images of trail bike riding and rugby union which seem much more exciting.

Overall it's a depressing look at the state of tennis in Australia. Images of courts for sale or in disrepair. A brighter note is struck with the more social and community aspect of tennis and the hope that tennis will still be an important part of Australia's future.







Production company:
Australian Commonwealth Film Unit
Film Australia