Wake In Fright Belgian poster

Black, white and yellow poster with French title 'Le Reveil Dans La Terreur' and Flemish title 'Het Vreselijk Ontwaken'. Image of Gary Bond with a gun next to a spotlight and Donald Pleasence with two-up coins over his eyes.
Wake In Fright Belgian poster
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A black, white and yellow poster featuring the French title Le Réveil Dans La Terreur (The Awakening in Terror) and Flemish title Het Vreselijk Ontwaken (The Awful Awakening). The poster also features images of Gary Bond aiming his gun during the kangaroo hunt, and Donald Pleasence with two-up coins over his eyes.

Using a stark three-colour scheme and a brutal font, this poster effectively captures the all-pervading tension of the film. It's a dramatic, diagonal composition that suggests Gary Bond is actually shooting Donald Pleasance. Pleasance, with the 'dead man coins' over his eyes, is an iconic image from the film and the artist rightly uses it for the poster.

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen and Adam Blackshaw